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Family Business Advisors: Six-Point

We help family businesses take their place as trailblazers in their field

It might feel like you’ve hit a ceiling – you’re facing a challenge or opportunity for your brand and you’re unsure of your next best step.

You might be worrying that a wrong move could risk the business your family has built. But to create a legacy that’s fit for the future, you know you need to keep moving forward.

The fact is, you’re in this position because you’ve already been successful. You just need a partner who understands both brand strategy and the unique dynamics of family business to help you navigate the best path ahead.


Expert brand strategy advisors – aligned with your legacy and values

Our brand strategists have been where you want to go, and are ready to show you the way forward.

The difference between Six-Point and traditional agencies is that we:

  • Have a proven process that educates, engages, and empowers your team to make complex brand strategy decisions with confidence
  • Focus on building your team’s strategic capacity, not selling you marketing services
  • Bring empathy and experience working with family businesses so that the strategy we build is centered on your values and vision

We start with what’s working, what’s important to you, and what your customers love about you.

That helps you clarify who you are and the value you offer.

Because clarity changes everything:

  • How to define success for your brand, company, and team.
  • Your customers’ experience when they engage with you.
  • How engaged and empowered your team is to contribute to your shared vision.

Once you cut through the noise and clarify where to focus, you can move forward – with an aligned brand strategy that both fast-tracks your business goals and stays grounded in your mission and vision.

When you engage with Six-Point, you don’t just get a strategy that looks good on paper. You get guided support and achievable action steps that work for your team, resources, and goals.

So you can stop being stuck. You can unlock your family businesses’ potential with a customized plan for sustainable success.

Take your place as a trailblazer & elevate your family’s legacy.

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