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For Entrepreneurs, No New Growth Without Pruning

Becoming a better leader is often achieved by letting go of past responsibilities that you can now delegate to members of your team. Entrepreneurs and owner-founders particularly find this to be challenging. To grow and scale your company, the CEO (and others on its leadership team) need to delegate more tasks over time to work on company vision, brand strategy, and growth initiatives rather than placing the majority of their focus on day-to-day company operations. This restraint will help propel your company towards a more sustainable future as it continues to grow.

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Building a Disruptive Brand, Part 1

Today, small consumer brands have more opportunity than ever to challenge category leaders for market share. Leading brands have more resources, but they’re often still slower to innovate or adapt to change in consumer behavior. In part one of a six-part series, creative strategist Tyler Leahy breaks down the playbook you should follow if you want to be an insurgent brand and market disruptor. It breaks down what it means to be industry disruptors, and the six things that all disruptive brands have in common as they grow and scale.

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