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Cleaning the Mirror with Coltrane

John Coltrane was an incredibly hardworking jazz musician, driven by the creative process to continue to become a better saxophonist and leader, and to capture more emotion and truth in his music. His drive for challenge and excellence is a reminder that there is...

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Two Trailblazing Lessons From Patagonia

Many business leaders that I work alongside have long referred to Patagonia as an aspirational example… a family-owned company that is run on its values, and known for this in a way that connects with consumers; its actual authenticity makes it enormously...

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Power of Relationships in Family Business

Family businesses often excel at relationships, a super power which allows them to challenge the goliaths in their industries. While this may leave them vulnerable to the intrusion of lifechanging moments, it also is a powerful way to motivate employees and...

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Tips for when you need to pivot strategy

Is your marketing plan underperforming? Here are three tips on how to make a mid-year pivot. It’s halfway through the year, and hopefully, you and your team are taking some time to step back, review goals for the year, and your progress to date.  With so much...

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