Brand Thinking



Is it ever okay to fake it till you make it?

Many family businesses hate the idea of “faking it” but while trust and authenticity are important, so is clearly articulating your vision and aspiration when you are at an inflection point in the company’s growth. An aspirational brand can create positive creative tension that accelerates opportunity, and attracts next level talent.

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Expose Yourself

The most successful family businesses have leaders who did not grow up only working for the business. They also deliberately expose themselves to what scares them or makes them vulnerable. Learning how to embrace new ideas while staying true to your core is a critical skill to compete in a rapidly evolving landscape.

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Trailblazers Wanted

Half of all businesses fail within the first five years. In order to have a business that endures for decades, you have to inspire people with what you build, and create something with the potential to grow and evolve. This requires the ability and courage to define success in new ways, and to blaze new trails to achieve it.

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Can Love Be a Brand Strategy?

“Love” can be an uncomfortable word in business, but humans crave connection, respect, and a sense of purpose, and many family businesses excel at providing these. Businesses have the opportunity to put their acts of love and respect for their customers and employees at the center of their messaging, and create exponential value for their customers, and themselves.

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The Connections We Make

Studies show that relationships are the most important factor in determining an individual’s happiness, and contribute to both health and longevity. Could this be true in business too? Family enterprises that prioritize relationships and connection have a unique competitive advantage.

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