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To catch the next wave of growth, patience is key

Sometimes moving too quickly will slow you down in the long run. Making the right decision, not the fast decision is critical when your goal is long-term, sustainable, profitable growth. The wrong fit customer, the big but unprofitable sale, the commitment without the ability to deliver… these are all moments when companies think they are moving fast, but often ultimately end up moving backwards.

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6 consumer trends impacting growing CPG brands

Most leaders feel overwhelmed by uncertainty right now. The questions CPG brands are asking are big ones, and they have consequences for companies with limited resources who are trying to grow and scale. What from the last year was an aberration? What can and...

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What the heck is a second-stage company?

We have identified the most common themes and pains that early second-stage and late second-stage companies face, especially when it comes to managing changes in focus, positioning, and branding. Read on to learn more about what a second-stage company is, and, more importantly, get some ideas about where and how to focus your energy to have the biggest impact on their growth and evolution.

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Brand Purpose: The Competitive Advantage Second-Stage Companies Need to Win 2021

Purposeful second-stage companies are more likely to grow and scale in 2021 and beyond following industry disruption caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Research suggests that consumer expectations are changing, and consumers now expect brands to be meaningful problem-solvers. More than ever, brands need to act with purpose and articulate their purpose well through brand positioning.

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The Founder Effect

How does a brand transcend a founder while still keeping their value, perspective, and influence? This is a uniquely “second-stage” dilemma. Whether you are talking about the next generation of a family business, a new company that emerges after a merger, or installing a new CEO, the question is essentially the same. This is also a question that Six-Point is facing as Six-Point co-founder, David Wicks, prepares to retire at the end of 2020. One of the main questions our agency has had to ask is not “how will we replace David” but instead, “how will we keep David’s influence intact?”

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How To Plan With So Much Uncertainty

Highly detailed 12-month marketing plans are a thing of the past. You need a more agile way to plan your marketing activity that still allows you to think ahead, but also is built to be responsive to changes in your business and the market. Enter the marketing road map. This version of agile planning can be accelerated or decelerated as needed.

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