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Balancing Brand Opportunity Touchpoints and Liability

Your brand’s most highly personal, long-lasting interactions with customers are most consequential. These brand touchpoints can be what customers remember and cherish about your company (leading to brand loyalty and revenue growth), or they can be the reason why this customer never buys from you again. Six-Point Creative CEO Meghan Lynch had positive and negative experiences with two different airlines that put this into perspective.

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Micro Influence, Macro Results

Many companies tend to think “bigger is better” when it comes to influencers and their followings, but with micro influencers (with less than 100,000 followers), the quality of their focus can pay big dividends. Micro influencers have 60% higher engagement and are almost 7X more cost-efficient. For niche brands with very targeted audiences, micro influencers can produce big results.

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Running and Leadership Lessons

Six-Point Creative CEO Meghan Lynch is still applying leadership lessons she learned when she ran her first ultramarathon, years after the race was run. Meghan applies what she learned to her brand strategy work today, helping companies scale, grow, and sharpen their focus.

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Why Businesses Fail

According to the Small Business Administration, 70 percent of businesses cease to exist within 10 years of launch. Why do businesses fail? Misuse of resources. Branding and marketing are often disciplines in which companies misuse their resources. Six-Point has tips for growth-minded companies looking to optimize branding and marketing resources.

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Want a powerful brand? All you need is courage.

Courage is required to own or manage a growing business. So why are entrepreneurs and CEOs hesitant to take the perceived risk of focusing their company growth efforts on one primary target customer? Six-Point Creative CEO Meghan Lynch explains why your company should focus on one primary target customer to build a meaningful, lasting brand strategy. Courageously doing so will better position your company for long-term, scalable growth. It’s also crucial to understand how unfocused opportunities for new customer segments, products, or upsells can kill your hard-earned brand momentum when handled poorly.

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