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The Founder Effect

How does a brand transcend a founder while still keeping their value, perspective, and influence? This is a uniquely “second-stage” dilemma. Whether you are talking about the next generation of a family business, a new company that emerges after a merger, or installing a new CEO, the question is essentially the same. This is also a question that Six-Point is facing as Six-Point co-founder, David Wicks, prepares to retire at the end of 2020. One of the main questions our agency has had to ask is not “how will we replace David” but instead, “how will we keep David’s influence intact?”

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How To Plan With So Much Uncertainty

Highly detailed 12-month marketing plans are a thing of the past. You need a more agile way to plan your marketing activity that still allows you to think ahead, but also is built to be responsive to changes in your business and the market. Enter the marketing road map. This version of agile planning can be accelerated or decelerated as needed.

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Moments When Brand Strategy Becomes Mission Critical

As companies grow and scale, there are points in the business lifecycle when clearly articulating a brand strategy is critical to success. Brand strategy provides clarity and consistency to customers and employees. When companies prepare for a merger, a new market entry, or building out a marketing department for the first time, this clarity and consistency is an indispensable tool.

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Brand Vision: Brand and Culture with Ken Meyers

If you want to build a brand that really lasts, having a message that lives with one person is a dangerous thing. Ken Meyers, founder of the Smartfood brand, which he sold to Frito Lay, discussed why getting other viewpoints is critical to creating an impactful message that resonates with a wider and more enduring audience.

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Connect With Customers, Brand and Culture

Leaders should think of their brand like a flag or a badge. A brand is a way to deliver a message that they want other people to absorb and embrace. And a big leadership lesson is that just because a message that you personally created resonates with you, it does not mean that it will resonate with others.

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Company Focus: Brand and Culture

For decades, brands were pushed down to customers. The company had all the control, and customers were, for the most part, passive. That's not the case anymore. Companies no longer have that amount of control. Company leadership can’t decide unilaterally what a brand is going to look like, what it's going to stand for, what that message is going to be. Now any number of people, both internally and externally, most of whom the company doesn’t control, are going to be contributing to that process along the way.

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