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Why Businesses Fail

According to the Small Business Administration, 70 percent of businesses cease to exist within 10 years of launch. Why do businesses fail? Misuse of resources. Branding and marketing are often disciplines in which companies misuse their resources. Six-Point has tips for growth-minded companies looking to optimize branding and marketing resources.

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Want a powerful brand? All you need is courage.

Courage is required to own or manage a growing business. So why are entrepreneurs and CEOs hesitant to take the perceived risk of focusing their company growth efforts on one primary target customer? Six-Point Creative CEO Meghan Lynch explains why your company should focus on one primary target customer to build a meaningful, lasting brand strategy. Courageously doing so will better position your company for long-term, scalable growth. It’s also crucial to understand how unfocused opportunities for new customer segments, products, or upsells can kill your hard-earned brand momentum when handled poorly.

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Five Questions to Answer About Your Brand in 2020

Going into 2020, Six-Point Creative CEO Meghan Lynch offered five brand strategy and marketing questions entrepreneurs and business leaders should consider that include exploring intangible values, disconnects in company culture, exploring target customers, and setting guardrails and standards around your brand.

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Your Customers Can’t Read Your Mind

Pivoting your company or making significant changes to your brand strategy or your offerings? Craft a communications strategy at the same time you create your change strategy. Change initiatives are only effective when communicated effectively to your customers. In this article, Six-Point Creative outlines its communication strategy tips for leaders preparing to execute a change initiative. If you can make a communication plan and stick to it, you can avoid spending company resources to salvage lost customer relationships or repair a damaged company reputation.

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Don’t Use Organic Growth as an Excuse Not to Build a Strong Brand

Even companies experiencing explosive organic growth must invest in developing a brand strategy. Inevitably, organic growth will slow. If long-term profitability and equity are important to your company’s goals, do not treat branding and marketing as an afterthought. The right balance of branding and marketing activity will build equity in your brand, decrease customer price sensitivity, and increase company profitability while building a strong base of brand loyal repeat customers. With a focused brand strategy in place, your company can continue on its trajectory of exponential growth without hitting a plateau.

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