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Brand Culture: The Power of Co-Creation with Ken Meyers

How do you make getting your employees to live out your brand and culture a “want-to-do” instead of a “supposed-to-do” for your team? Ruth Lund, President of the Legacy Center, Meghan Lynch, CEO of Six-Point Creative, and Ken Meyers, founder of the Smartfood brand, discuss how to successfully develop a culture of advocacy instead of a culture of compliance.

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Company Mission Statement: Action, Not Ideas

As Ken said, “You can write anything down, you can think anything up, but if it is not followed through on, if it is not really injected into the blood of the organization, such that it becomes a living, breathing mission, a living, breathing set of mile markers and guard rails, that everyone has absorbed internalized and cleaved to then it's up no real value.”

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Employee Branding Strategy: The Human Element

In a transparent and interconnected world, the people in your organization are critical contributors to (or potential detractors of) your brand messaging. Meghan Lynch, CEO of Six-Point Creative, and Ken Meyers, president of Panorama Foods, discussed the benefits and pitfalls of the human element of brand building.

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Brand Reputation: Culture is Credibility

Where do brand and culture intersect? Ken Meyers, creator of the Smartfood popcorn brand, talked to Meghan Lynch, CEO of Six-Point, and Ruth Lund, President of the Legacy Center, about culture as the credibility backing up a brand promise. Meyers thinks of brand as essentially a promise to the marketplace, to the prospect of constituents, and a company's culture is the credibility behind that promise. As Ken said, “you can say whatever you want to, but if your company's activities, behavior, and attitudes run counter to that brand promise, it's going to be seen, and it's going to chip away at the credibility behind what you're trying to get people to believe and follow.”

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Culture Evolution: How to Manage Stretch Gaps

Can you truly change a culture? Ruth Lund of the Legacy Center and Robert Glazer, bestselling author of Friday Forward, discuss whether or not it is possible to successfully evolve a culture when a company begins to outgrow its core values. There are times in a business lifecycle when gaps start to appear between where an organization is and where it is headed.

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Core Values: The Importance of Rewarding Key Behaviors with Robert Glazer

One of the biggest mistakes that companies make when they are trying to form their culture is to not truly honor the existing essence of the culture already. Robert Glazer, bestselling author of Elevate, talked to Meghan Lynch, CEO of Six-Point Creative and Ruth Lund, President of the Legacy Center, about how team culture can’t be forced. “Core values for an organization cannot be aspirational. They need to be who your best people are. You can't say this is who we want to be as people. It just doesn't work,” explained Glazer.

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