team workshops

A critical component of a company’s growth centers around their employees.

Many companies lack the resources and expertise to train departments, staff, or leadership on the building blocks of marketing and branding which can lead to:

  • unfocused initiatives
  • decreased employee buy-in
  • conflicting company priorities

We can train teams in focused activities to help move the company forward. The following workshops are offered as fixed price only.

We help bridge the gap.

You have teams of great people who are good at getting a lot done. They are competing against companies with large, expert teams. Through our workshops, we help small businesses challenge the industry goliaths.


Building Your Brand Strategy

Move Forward with Confidence 

Without clarity and consistency in your positioning, your marketing budget is wasted and your sales efforts will never be as effective as they could be.

Our new workshop aligns your team on how you create value for your customers, and provides simple but effective prioritization and optimization tools that you can continue to use to connect with customers and build value in your brand.


Culture & Brand Bootcamp

The Foundations of a Strong Business

Culture that energizes your employees. 

An empathetic team that can anticipate what its customers will need most. 

A strong brand that connects company values to customer values. 

These are the muscle groups your company needs to power through an evolving work environment. 

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