“For the past several months, Meghan Lynch has been collaborating with a very special person on a labor of love… and launch day is finally here. 🙌

The Building Unbreakable Brands podcast is now live! Listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. The podcast is designed to capture the stories and wisdom of generational brands and the people who lead them… both the challenges and triumphs.

“And because we are talking about generational leadership, I thought it would be a fun experiment to include my son in the podcast production process,” said Meghan Lynch, Six-Point CEO and Cofounder. “So you’ll also hear Henry ask questions to our guests, and maybe even throw in some jokes so we don’t take ourselves too seriously!”

We are very excited about the guests we have had on the show so far, and those we have upcoming… Please do listen, and share your feedback!

What do you like? What would make this podcast even more valuable to you?

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