Brand-strategy agency Six-Point has a new offering: Workshops reimbursable by Rhode Island and Massachusetts workforce grants. This grants-focused initiative expands Six-Point’s regional reach by offering branding education, brand strategy insights, and hands-on training to family businesses, small businesses, and non-profits. 

Behind the scenes in creating and evolving dozens of brand strategies for businesses nationwide since 2007, Six-Point unveiled its new grants-based offerings in line with the launch of its new website, complete with family-business-focused resources, a brand strategy quiz, and a podcast coming in 2024.

The grant-eligible workshops help companies develop internal capacity to articulate a comprehensive brand strategy focused on growth and sustainability. The activities and exercises included in the workshop cover customer personas, customer touch point mapping, brand value identification, marketing mix best practices, and more. In four sessions, leadership teams can gain substantial upskilling and strategic clarity.

“It’s all geared toward confirming our values and living up to our most ambitious vision for the future,” said Six-Point President and CEO Meghan Lynch. “Part of that vision is supporting regional businesses with brand strategy education so they can fully realize their potential and our extended communities can thrive. Many of the participants of these workshops know that their company has significant growth potential, but their executive team may lack the precise skills to fully tap into that potential. We’ve identified the key education gaps that often unlock additional growth potential in these teams without the need for more ongoing traditional agency services or consulting.”

Workshops: These intensive workshops, designed for family businesses, small businesses, and non-profits, equip participants with tools to align their internal teams, add clarity to their marketing goals, and build brand confidence. The best part? Thanks to State workforce grants, eligible MA businesses receive 100% reimbursement, and RI businesses can attend with 75% reimbursement. Information about the Commonwealth grant is available here, and learn more about Rhode Island’s Incumbent Worker Training Grant.

Ready to take the next step?

Beyond Workshops: The workshops are just the beginning. Six-Point offers a comprehensive Brand Accelerator System for workshop graduates, helping businesses transition from stuck to sustainable.


Find out if you’re eligible for a grant and schedule your 2024 workshop today!