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Create your influencer marketing plan

Thursday, december 10: 9:30am – 11:00am

Presented by The Lisa Ekus Group and Six-Point Creative

Six-Point Creative

Workshop Details

Thursday, December 10: 9:30 – 11:00am / $50 per attendee

Six-Point Creative and The Lisa Ekus Group present a quick-hitting, 90-minute virtual workshop for consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands. Leave ready to tackle 2021 with an influencer marketing plan, fresh ideas for social media, and tools for determining your brand’s top priorities.


Workshop Takeaways

  • The useful framework your company should be using to reset marketing budget priorities. Identify and prioritize your brand’s top marketing opportunities using our go-to framework, the brand touchpoint matrix. Setting the right priorities translates to resources well spent. We’ll teach you how – with action items to bring back to your team.
  • Why making brand social media more personal is good for your bottom line, and how to take action.Reap the sales and brand growth benefits of adjusting your social media content strategy. We’ll show how savvy food and beverage brands are taking a more personal approach to social, consistently gaining followers and converting them into repeat buyers.
  • Influencers: when to hire them, what to pay them, and why. Today, $1 spent on influencer marketing nets a return equal to $5.78 spent on earned media! Carefully-chosen influencer partnerships are also more effective than in-feed social advertising. We’ll give you a crash course in getting the most out of a recommended $10,000 starting budget by identifying the right influencer partners for your brand, leveraging their expertise, and focusing on engagement.
  • How to ensure influencer campaign success and measure outcomes. Understanding influencer analytics is critical to choosing the right partners, and then measuring success. We’ll break down the analytics you should be paying most attention to based on your goals – and whether nano, micro, medium, or mega influencers are best for your campaigns.

Reset your marketing plan.

Six-Point and The Lisa Ekus Group will teach you how to reset your brand’s priorities to achieve better outcomes with a conservative 2021 marketing budget, complete with homework to bring back to your leadership team!

Level up your social media.

Need to build a serious following? Make your social media more personal. We’ll show you how food and beverage brands have done this effectively on a limited budget throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Find the right influencers for your brand.

Influencers can be far more effective in generating interest in your brand than the social ads you’re currently running. We’ll prepare you to begin your search for influencer partners, covering the ins and outs of identifying talent, setting goals, determining a budget, and measuring success.

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