Solve for y

Helping your brand go from stuck to sustainable.

The brand strategy that got your company to where it is isn't going to take you to the next stage. You need to evolve, but you can't afford to make a wrong move. 

You have big strategic positioning questions. Your team has lots of marketing implementation questions. Everyone is looking for a path forward.

Solve for Y provides it.

We answer the questions
that keep you up at night

So you can make smarter, faster, better decisions for your brand.
  • Should we develop a sub-brand?

  • How do we enter this new market without losing our existing customers?

  • How can we increase the price our customers are willing to pay?

  • What is our brand structure after this merger/acquisition?

  • How do we position ourselves to remain sustainable for the future?

The Solve for Y Process

Prioritize, Align, and Execute


  • Rebrand and rollout best practices
  • Leadership team workshop


  • Internal and external interviews and surveys
  • Brand audit of current assets
  • Industry market research
  • Strategy session with CEO

Findings Report

  • Summary of patterns we heard in
    qualitative research
  • Comparison to peer brands
  • Recommended positioning strategy

plan development

  • Detailed marketing plan
  • Budget development
  • Support in presenting to leadership and/or board of directors

Brand standards

  • Visuals and messaging
  • Follow‑up feedback session
  • Execution team matchmaking


  • Staged creative implementation
  • Tracking and metrics
  • Quarterly strategy meetings

Our clients see results:

  • Doubled brand share from 26% to 49% within three years
  • Increased retail locations from 3 to 7 within three years (and on track for 11 by 2022)
  • Entered new market and increased their average sales contract more than 500%
  • Outpaced industry sales benchmarks by 200%

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