The Brand Accelerator System

Feeling stuck? Get the guidance you need to power-up the perfect brand strategy for your family business

At Six-Point, we’ve identified six critical points (hence the name Six-Point!) where family businesses often find they need help to move from being a stuck brand to becoming a sustainable brand.

But family businesses are complex so these evolution points don’t happen in a silo. It’s far more likely you’ll be contending with two or more of them at the same time.

That’s why it’s so important to work with partners who have been where you are and understand the dynamics of family businesses – plus the risks and opportunities.

The Six Evolution Points for Family Businesses

1. Generational

When leadership passes to the new generation, you enter a period of risk and opportunity. Strategic communication is critical to protecting the company reputation. You will also need new positioning to make the most of next-gen opportunities.

2. Cultural

You’ve done the hard work of transforming your internal culture and really “growing up” as a company. Now you need to communicate this to new and prospective hires so you can attract the right people to fuel your success.

3. New Market
or Channel

After performing successfully in a specific channel or market, you now have the opportunity to expand the brand’s reach and impact. You need help to connect your brand to your new customer from an expert guide that has been there before.

4. Philanthropy

You’re establishing a family foundation or nonprofit entity and need support to translate your corporate branding to this new world. You need support to talk about your philanthropy authentically and keep your brands distinct while making the relationship between them clear.

5. Merger, Acquisition,
or Exit

You’re preparing your brand for exit, or in the midst of acquiring or merging with another brand. You need help to clarify the value of what you have built, guide decisions about what needs to change, and to get alignment on the value of the brand(s).

6. Just “Stuck” /
Growth Plateau

You’ve grown organically without intentional brand strategy and sometimes no marketing at all. Then you hit a plateau. What you used to do isn’t working, so you need support to navigate the most effective path to sustainable success.

The Brand Accelerator System

Everything we do at Six-Point is informed by our Brand Accelerator System.

Because when it comes to brand strategy, while there is no one right answer, you need to solve the right problems in the right order to set your strategy up for success.

Our Brand Accelerator System is informed by nearly two decades of work with family businesses. We have seen strategies fail and succeed, and identified the critical elements of both. We can use this experience to identify the steps required to create a brand strategy for your family business that has all the elements you need to evolve sustainably.

Brand Strategy Workshops

Together we’ll create four 2.5 hour online or in-person sessions to meet the needs of your specific business, and customized to the evolution point(s) your team is experiencing.

In these sessions, we’ll work with you and your team to:

  • Identify what your brand looks like right now, what’s working, and what you want to keep.
  • Figure out the opportunities in front of you, where you want to go, and what success will look like.
  • Clarify the value you provide and how that connects with the value your customers are searching for.
  • Prioritize marketing opportunities and decide where best to focus your energy and budget to communicate your message to your target audience
  • Get buy-in from key stakeholders so they are excited to deliver your vision and plan.
  • Bring it all together into a road map with 30, 60, and 90-day action plans. Review your next steps to identify what you already have in place to execute your road map effectively and how to fill any gaps in expertise, information or training.

After your workshop…

Implement your road
map in-house

Your workshop road map includes all the information you need to manage your success in-house. We can also refer you to trusted service providers to help you implement your action plans.

Get continued support
from the Six-Point team

Sometimes you need expanded capacity to ensure the success of a strategic investment. Your workshop strategist can join forces with a Six-Point project manager and assemble talent to complement your existing team and support your growth initiative. You get one point of contact and a team that understands your business, your values, and brings expertise to help you level up quickly and avoid missteps.

Access further

If you need deeper training in specialized areas, such as voice of the customer research, brand architecture, or customer journey mapping, we have a suite of advanced workshops to meet those needs. We also offer peer learning options for in-house marketing managers and CMOs of family businesses, so you can continue to level up the strategic skills of your team while connecting with other businesses that share similar opportunities and constraints.

Three steps to work with us

Jump on a call

Together we’ll figure out if The Brand Accelerator System is a fit for you. If not, we’ll refer you to experts who can help. If it is, we’ll arrange to do a deep dive diagnostic into your specific opportunities, challenges and goals.

Your Brand
Strategy Workshop

You and your team will get a customized workshop delivered in-person or remotely over 4 sessions. We start with what’s working right now, and identify opportunities for growth.

Take action!

You’ll leave with clear action steps for the next 90 days, an overarching strategy, and messaging you can use right away. That might be everything you need. Or you might opt for continued support.

Take your place as a trailblazer & elevate your family’s legacy.

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