The Aligned Brand 

A supported six-week brand strategy program


“Six-Point Creative gave us the tools we needed, but they also showed us how to best use those tools.”
Mallory, marketing coordinator

“With every meeting, I gained a sense of clarity and a way forward.”
Sarah, marketing manager

Tired of throwing stuff against the wall?

You aren’t alone. Whether you are a marketing manager in a family business, or an owner who is leading marketing by default, the struggles are the same. Resources are limited, so you want to be sure that you are spending time and money wisely. Data is unclear to be able to confidently tell whether a particular tactic is worth it.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Long-term marketing strategy is constantly getting sidelined by urgent requests
  • When you generate platform growth or engagement, it doesn’t seem to result in more business
  • You have ideas of what you should be doing in marketing, but not buy-in or consistency

There is a better way.

You probably know instinctively that if you just get clearer on what success looks like and the steps needed to get there, you could do so much better. And you are right. The truth is, aligned brand strategy isn’t rocket science. It is learning a few simple principles and applying them correctly and consistently.

Spend smarter.

Most businesses waste resources on marketing materials with little impact, while neglecting the opportunities that truly drive sales and loyalty. We’ll train you on how to use our tools to identify your priorities and cut out waste.

Make sales easier.

Don’t get stuck on the lead generation treadmill. Learn how to use the right mix of sales activation and brand awareness to increase revenue and decrease price sensitivity… so sales get both easier and more profitable over time. What could be better?

Learn from peers.

Do you feel like you are stuck in your own head sometimes? In this six-week program, you not only get access to the brand strategy experts at Six-Point, you also get access to a small group of peers who can share what is working for them. It also provides a fun and safe forum to experiment, get feedback, and develop your own skills, while building a support network that will be there for you long after the program is over.

How it works

In this guided, six-week cohort program, participants will build a strategic marketing plan that engages, clarifies, and focuses their efforts. Each participant will get one-on-one coaching and support from a dedicated Six-Point strategist, as well as participate in weekly working sessions with peers from non-competitive companies. The program also provides tools and templates that participants can use immediately and share with their team.

What you get

  • Efficient completion of a marketing plan, developed with support and expertise
  • Professional development, with coaching, guidance, and support from brand strategists who specialize in working with family businesses
  • Templates for planning and measuring success with confidence
  • Support and idea-sharing with a community of peers

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